Scania news leaked?

Scania proto1Now these are two photo’s that I just got from one of my Iepieleaks spie squad. He found them somewhere in a dark corner of the internet and they make me very curious. Is this the real thing? Are these leaked scale models like the ones of Volvo some time ago?



Scania proto2The design looks serious and it already has the extra length at the front for streamlining and crash protection. One thing that makes it even look more serious is that there are two roof hights in these photo’s. Fact is that Scania is working on something, and this could be a good hint of what is coming in the next year. Keep your eyes open out there, cause you never know when you catch the real thing on a photo!


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  1. I don’t think so. A serious company would never go for such amateuristic concept arts. Every conceptart from Scania yet was in the form of a real life dummy truck or scale model. For example the Stax or the crumble zone concepts.

    I saw some other 3D renders of this model with an American type lowloader behind it, so I guess this is the work of a South American creative. Probably Brazilian,since every other site these pictures are displayed are also Brazilian.

  2. Este desenho é do artista Fabio Raimundo – Brasileiro, já o vi em outros sites.
    E Scania devia contrata-lo, pois os desenhos são admirados em todo território nacional.

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