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DAF CF Euro6 spotted

One of my Iepieleaks spies shot these pics of a DAF CF75 Euro6 truck! The exhaust unit on the right side of the frame is definately a Euro6 katalist with partsfilter. The truck is probably one of the fieldtest trucks that are out on the road to get experience with the new system.  Continue Reading

New Atego in may

Mercedes-Benz is going to launch the new Atego series on the CV Show in Birmingham in April, and on the Bauma exhibition in Munich. Today we got the first ‘artist impressions’ of the new Atego and they look prommising. The Euro 6 atego comes with seven different enging outputs and it has several novilties on…Continue Reading

New DAF XF for Jansen

Some time ago i showed a DAF Euro 6 fieldtest truck in the colour of the Jansen company in Holland. Here’s the link to that story. After the presentation of the new XF the fieldtest truck was rebuilt with the original front and this is how it looks now!Continue Reading

The new DAF XF!

Now here it is, the new DAF XF! The new truck was just released on the IAA show in Hannover. Despite it still is the old cab DAF did a great job with the new styling. It clearly has it’s own face and it stands out in a row! Not only the outside is new,…Continue Reading

Comming soon, the new DAF

DAF presented the Euro6 engines on the BedrijfsautoRAI in Amsterdam but nobody knows what that means for the design of the cab. This is an old photo of the new DAF truck. And no, it is not going to look like an old Scania Streamline with the horizontal bars, that is just camouflage. Reading between…Continue Reading

MAN Euro6 range complete

And now i found even more photo’s of the next MAN generation. Not only the big TGX, but also the smaller TGM and TGL trucks. The Bussing lion has a new place in the chrome ornament on the upper grille. Personal i think the chrome ‘moustage’ is a bit overdone for the small TGL and…Continue Reading

Euro6 DAF truck at Jansen

  These photo’s were sent in by Roger van Nispen of www.bouwmachineweb.com. He spotted this Jansen DAF and no, it is not the bonneted version but there is something about it. Take a close look at the grille and the headlights and yes, this is a fieldtest truck of DAF. The big exhaust system shows…Continue Reading

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